Name Description URL Comments
Repertorium Academicum (REPAC) Data resources on digital academic history and prosopography A cross-database, explorative search based on the principle of dynamic data ingestion.
Repertorium Academicum Germanicum (RAG) The Graduate Scholars of the Holy Roman Empire, 1250 - 1550 Long term project on digital prosopography and European knowledge spaces (RAG Atlas).
Repertorium Academicum Helveticum (RAH) The Swiss Students within the Old Confederacy and Europe 1300-1600. Project on students as producers, gatekeepers and distributors of European academic knowledge.
Repertorium Bernense (RB) Person and knowledge in Bern 1350-1600. Project on patterns and intersections of academic and non-academic knowledge spaces.
CAAD Collaborative approach an medieval and early modern acadamic databases Exploartive datapool on 180k academics in Europe 1200-1800.

Related (VRE)

Name Description URL Comments
Studentische Migration aus der Diözese Köln an die italienischen Universitäten im 15.-17. Jahrhundert. Dissertationsprojekt Lotte Kosthorst Giessen / Mainz Student Migration from the Diocese of Cologne to Italian Universities in the 15th-17th Century.
L'influence française sur les universités d'Europe centrale à la fin du Moyen Âge (milieu XIVe-fin XVe siècle) Thèse de doctorat (contractuelle) Pauline Spychala (UPEC) The French influence on Central European universities at the end of the Middle Ages.
Forced Academic Migration (FAM) Science transnational. Switzerland and Academic Forced Migrants 1933 to 1950. Forced Academic Migration Financed by the Swiss National Science Foundation (PRIMA) 2018-2023.

Data Recycling and Data Reuse (VRE)

Name Description URL Comments
Neubürger im späten Mittelalter. Migration und Austausch in der Städtelandschaft des Alten Reiches (1250-1550). Swiss National Fund project 1992-1996. Datarecycling from MS Access 1997: 50k new citizen and 9k locations. New citizen in the late Middle Ages. Migration and Exchange in the Urban Landscape of the Old Empire (1250-1550).